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So It's 2:15 and I just woke up and ate some DQ hotdogs. The past couple days have been fun. Thursday night me, louie, austin, caleb, jarret, jesse, wes, and marcus just had a bunch of fun. We had a video camera, and it came in handy. But the best thign we did was saran wrap marcus' car when he went home early. Then i spent the night at louies, hahahahha, he talks so much in his sleep, man, it kills me. Lmao, and wes showed up at his house at like 4 in morning, and we're like wtf? And hes sittin outside in his car, like, what's up?...he never gave us an explanation for it. But then he left. So Friday, i did almost nothing. I was dead bored. Finally i went to see Saw 2 with Kirsten, she's rad. It was good, but i havent seeen the first one. Anyways, Saturday i had band practice, we recorded 2 songs, but the sound quality isnt great, cause it was a comp. mic. But yeah. Then i came home, went to a lock-in at my friends karate place. His dads owns a karate dojo, and a bunch of kids stayed. So that was extremely fun. Let see, there aust, jesse, michelle, jarret, lee, gillz, tom, ben, jeremy, so many more. And we alled got our butts kicked in steet fighter by michelle, and then we played like 3495473340 games of dodgeball. Now that was fun. We keep doing stuff that cool kids do, then at like 3 AM we went to Dwights, ate, came back, and played d-ball some more. Yeh, it was eventful. <3
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I'm back

So I haven't updated this for over a year, but, i decided to bring it back up (for one, i have no life, and im always bored while I'm on the computer). Anyways, Ive been in a bad mood lately, but im feelin better now. I have a chem test tomorrow, and i hate chem. Oh well. I should go do my homework...but i'm not gay, so i wont. Lets see....If i wasnt so lazy i would make a whole new Lj, so just ignore everythign below this post. Lets see...ok, im done for now. <3

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A is for age: 15

B is for boyfriend: Well I am married to Steven

C is for career: Wrestler

D is for dad's name: William, AKA dickface

E is for essential item to bring to a party: Cloths

F is for favorite songs at the moment: Angel Below

G is for girlfriend: Ha...hahahahahaha....

H is for hometown: SA! Ohhh yeh

I is for instruments you play: Bass and drums, guitar players are highly over-rated

J is for jam or jelly you like: Grapizzle

K is for kids: I like kids

L is for living arrangements: Mom, dad in the house, me in the garage, and sister is in college so yeh.

M is for mom's name: Charlotte, AKA coolest mom ever

N is for name of your best friend: I wish i had friends...

O is for overnight hospital stays: Bunches, I do a lot of stupid stuff

P is for phobia[s]: Dont have any that i know of

Q is for quote you like: Live each day like theres no tomorrow

R is for relationship that lasted the longest: Who cares, my past relationships have been complete and utter wates of time

S is for summer plans: Summers over, next summer road trip

T is for time you wake up: 7 for school, when i sleep in depends, like 11am-3pm

U is for unique tanlent: None

V is for vegetable you love: broccoli

W is for worst habit: short temper, gets annoyed really easy

X is for x-rays you've had: Bunches

Y is for yummy food you make: Eggs, any type, yes thats right

Z is for zodiac sign: Gemini
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I need to update, but I am so lazy right now, so im not going to. Yeh, take that fascist.
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Well I havent updated for a couple days. Not to much has happened. Had practice on Sunday. CC meet on Tuesday. And um, yeh. I want to get my nipples pierced, i tried myself, but i couldnt get it through, if you can do it, tell me, please. Yeh, i guess thats it
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Yes, well the first XC meet is tomorrow. XC is Cross Country. Yeh, wish me luck. As you probaly know im a faily big guy, and running CC is kind of hard, but i have never stoped in a race, so it should be good. Yeh, later